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Douglas Ragan

Douglas Ragan has worked in youth development at the local, national and international level for the past 30 years. Currently he is the Programme Management Officer with the Human Rights and Social Inclusion Unit, specializing in children and youth. He coordinates UN-Habitat's children and youth programme which has engaged over 500,000 young people through projects in over 70 developing countries. His current focus is working with young people in informal settlements and in conflict cities.

Doug has authored, co-authored and edited 17 research and policy publications on urban youth issues, the most recent being the Global Youth-Led Development series, representing some of the first research done on youth-led agencies in the developing world. Doug holds a Bachelors Degree in Latin American Studies and a Masters Degree in Management. Please see the research catalogue here: Please see website which highlights current Youth-led COVID19 response:

Douglas Ragan
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