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Tom Hazell

Tom Hazell

Tom Hazell, he/him, 19, Oxford, UK

I’m a former co-chair of the Young Greens, the Green Party of England and Wales’s 6000-member youth and student wing. Our efforts focus on fighting for a better future – for example, by hitting back against austerity, an undemocratic political system, or our societies’ pervasive educational inequalities.

As an activist, my work has been focused on building a movement of young people and supporting them to organise for radical change. The school strikers have shown our generation’s energy, and my activism focuses on harnessing that energy and skill towards the goals of ecosocialism: social justice, climate justice, and liberation.

Outside of activism, I’m a second-year undergraduate reading philosophy, politics, and economics at the University of Oxford. I’m interested in the role that neoliberalism has in decaying democracy and how that broken system limits our struggle for equality and leads to planetary degradation.

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