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Diana Margarit

Diana Margarit

Alexandru Ioan University

Diana Margarit, PhD, currently works as an Associate Professor of political science at Alexandru Ioan University, Romania, where she lectures on social movements, political ideologies, and global governance. Her areas of interest include social movements and contentious action, with a special focus on the Romanian protests since 2012, youth engagement and activism, and global governance. These past few years, she has published articles and studies on the most recent Romanian wave of protests and social movements, such as Civic disenchantment and Political Distress.

The Case of the Romanian Autumn [East European Politics, 2016], Cooperation, Struggles, and Rebounds: Civil Society vs. Political Authorities in Romania [Government-NGO Relationship in Africa, Asia, Europe and MENA, R. Marchetti (ed), Routledge, 2018], LGBTQ Rights, Conservative Backlash and the Constitutional Definition of Marriage [Gender, Place & Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, 26(11), 1570-1587, 2019], Insurgent Conservatism in Romania [Study, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania, 2020,]

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